How Can You Steal Someones Affiliate Commission Spy Tools For ClickBank, PayDotCom, CJ

Published: 01st April 2008
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Why The #*(% Are My Sales Dying?! NOOOOoooOO ! "I've Been Clickbanking And PayDotComing for a while now and was doing great - all of a sudden I'm back to zero and I had a great portfolio of conversions..." It SUCKS! I've been there myself a few times in the past. You pick up a new product or program, you give it a few test campaigns and prove conversions! Yay!! A week or so goes by and you prove consistency so you up the PPC budget and ramp up your articles/squidoo lenses/blogs and other BUM tactics... Hey, you've got a NICE campaign!

Out of the blue and all of a sudden, like a sniper has been sent out to take down your portfolio, your campaigns start to die with no remmorce! You jump on message boards and forums, you call and email the networks, you try to put blame somewhere, there MUST be a reason why this fluctuation is happening, "I KNOW my money is going somewhere!?!" Yep - It's going right into the pockets of your competitors... It's what you always thought it wasn't! It takes you SO LONG to setup a successfull campaign - and yet it takes NO TIME at all for someone with the right tools to come along and swipe your revenue stream from under your nose like a ghost.

Is it legal?! Yes, and what's worse - it is encouraged - While most of us see nothing wrong with having the ability to spy and analyze your competition and their affiliates, others raise their eyebrow seeing how easy it is to wipe out a campaign... Affiliate Marketing Tools Like TheFatRichPig's Affiliate Crusher take any vendor id from many popular marketplaces, and do a detailed data mining & affiliate recruitmant session on the fly!


Your fellow internet marketer going pro,

David Jackson -

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